Wigs are becoming more popular every year, and it comes as no surprise to us. Women and men are enjoying wig-wearing more than ever and are reaping the many benefits of wearing wigs. For some, wearing a wig is as simple as any other minor body modification, similar to fake tan or acrylic nails – changing up your look has never been so easy! Hair-system is a solidified contender in the beauty world, with various styles, shapes, and colours so extensive that it’s impossible not to find a wig that you will love.


If you’re a beginner and are looking to be swayed into the wig world, why not check out our beginners guide to wearing a wig? If you need convincing on why we think wigs are the bee’s knees, read on to find out the fabulous benefits of wearing a wig.


Benefits of wearing a wig:

Style Versatility:

From platinum pixie cuts to brunette bobs, you can choose a wig that enhances your natural hair or go bold with a new look. The beauty of it all is that it’s temporary; there are no permanent commitments, and your wig collection can grow and change as your sense of identity and style changes.?Wigs allow you to change your hairstyle without altering your natural hair. This means you can have a short haircut one day and long locks the next without commitment.


If we were to add up all of the minutes spent blow-drying, straightening or curling our hair, we’re sure it wouldn’t be a pretty figure. Time spent styling your hair can add up to more than you probably realise. A fantastic wig benefit is the luxury of additional time. Wigs can literally save you minutes in the morning, so you can enjoy your leisurely breakfast in peace, knowing that your hairstyle took less than 5 minutes to achieve!Wigs can save time and energy as they can be pre-styled. This is especially beneficial for those who find hair maintenance time-consuming or challenging.

Hair Loss Solutions:

For individuals experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions like alopecia, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, or hormonal changes, wigs can provide a sense of normalcy and confidence.A great wig benefit is that wearing a wig instantly gives you a full head of hair that you can style and shape according to your liking. A wig helps to give great coverage so you can feel secure and confident in knowing that your hair is as full as can be. Our blog on?the best wigs for thinning hair?will guide your search for your perfect wig in the right direction.

Protection for Natural Hair:

Wig wearing for some may be simply an element of self-expression. Changing your look often can be liberating, and wearing a wig for fun also comes with many benefits. Wearing a wig can protect your natural hair from daily environmental damage such as sun exposure, pollution, and styling tools.When wearing a wig, your hair is kept in a protective hairstyle, meaning that you may find when your hair grows healthier and fuller as a consequence.


When Should I Choose my Wig?

If you know that your treatment will cause hair loss, it is best to book an appointment with your hairdresser or specialised wig supplier before losing your hair.

It will be easier for the person to advise you on your wig choice if they know what your normal haircut, style and colour is. Also, it will help you not to be caught off-guard once hair loss begins and you can start wearing your wig when you want

Even if you try on and choose your wig before losing your hair, it will still fit you perfectly after you have lost your hair thanks to an integrated elastic system.


Will People Notice That I am Wearing a Wig?

Over the last 10 years, huge progress has been made in regards to wig materials, and more particularly, synthetic wigs. They are better adjusted to the scalp, provide more elaborate styles and offer a diversified range of cuts and colours.

Most of the time, people with an untrained eye will not even notice that you are wearing a wig.

On windy days, if you are worried that your wig will move, do not hesitate to wear a bandana or head scarf over your wig for more support. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always be comfortable when wearing your wig.


How Much does a Wig Cost?

Wig prices vary depending on the nature of the hair used (natural or synthetic), but also whether they have been hand-stitched or machine-made. Synthetic wigs are usually less expensive than natural wigs.


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