The hair system is a great invention that allow people with hair loss to regain their confidence, and also provide great convenience for beauty lovers to quickly change their hairstyles at will.They are accepted and loved by more and more people.However, there are also many people who believe that wearing wigs has many adverse effects, so they refuse to choose wig products. Are these statements true?




The hair system causes baldness

One of the most common misconceptions about hair systems is that they cause baldness. This myth may stem from the fear that wearing a hair system will suffocate the scalp and cause hair loss. However, let us clarify: the hair system does not cause baldness.

Hair loss occurs when hair follicles are damaged, which can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress and certain medical conditions. The hair system sits only on the top of the scalp and does not interfere with your hair's natural growth or shedding cycle.



You can’t swim with a hair system

Another common misconception about hair systems is that they simply cannot withstand the challenges of swimming. Picture this: It's a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining, and you're getting ready for a dip in the pool, but wait, you're wearing a wig - does that mean swimming is off limits?

This misunderstanding may be due to concerns about permanent side effects from wigs that can become damaged or fall off when exposed to water. However, the fact is that if you wear a high-quality hair care system that fits and installs correctly, swimming should not be a problem.

Manufacturers of high-end hair systems use waterproof adhesives, making them suitable for use in wet environments like showers and swimming pools. Additionally, many of these systems are designed with breathable materials that allow air and moisture to pass through, keeping your scalp ventilated even when wet.



The hair system has an unpleasant odor

The stench of hair systems has been circulating on the grapevine for quite some time, painting a bad picture of hair systems that they don't deserve. The idea of a hair system that comes with a bad smell may be enough to put anyone off trying them.

However, let’s set the record straight once and for all – the hair system itself does not have a bad smell!

As with natural hair, over time the hair system collects sweat, dirt, and product buildup, which can cause unpleasant odors if not cleaned properly. But regular maintenance and cleaning can keep your hair system odor-free.

The key here is to use the right products for your hair system type. Choose a mild shampoo formulated specifically for human hair wigs, and avoid sulfates as they may strip the hair of its natural oils.



The hair system is uncomfortable and itchy

Another misconception that often comes up is that the hair system is uncomfortable and causes itching. This misconception may stem from anecdotes of people using ill-fitting or poor-quality wigs. However, the reality is that a good quality, properly fitted hair system will not cause discomfort or itchiness.

Hair systems are designed to be worn for extended periods of time, and reputable manufacturers prioritize comfort in design and material selection. The high-quality hair system is lightweight and breathable, ensuring your scalp won't feel suffocated or irritated.

To avoid discomfort and itching, you should opt for a pre-installation inspection, patch test, and hair system trial period. This will allow you to make sure your hair system is correct and comfortable before you decide to wear it more often.



Hair systems are permanent

Many people believe that once they start wearing a hair system and stick with it forever, it is a lifetime commitment. But this couldn't be further from the truth. The beauty of hair systems is that they are a completely non-permanent solution! Unlike other hair treatments that involve surgery, the Hair System is non-invasive and reversible.

Otherwise, the hair system does not require surgical intervention or drastic modifications to the scalp. Therefore, you can change styles and colors at any time, or even stop wearing them, without making any long-term commitment. Want to temporarily return to your natural hairstyle? no problem! Want to try a completely different style or color? Move forward; it's your choice!

Wearing a hair system is not a life sentence. Instead, it's a fashion-forward decision with lots of flexibility and zero commitment. Whether you want to try different styles or decide they aren't right for you, the choice is yours.


There is no one-and-done solution to the problem of hair loss. It requires unremitting efforts to fundamentally alleviate and improve it.However, you need to be aware that improper application and removal of hair systems can lead to hair damage. Additionally, to prevent baldness, you should:

  • Avoid pulling on natural hair
  • Use C22 or alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Make sure the hair system is not too tight
  • Please follow proper removal procedures


May you be beautiful and confident! If you have any questions about hair system, feel free to contact our online wig experts at any time.